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    The Back to the Internet Pool by David Smooke.


    The internet is the greatest invention of the last hundred years. Yet, much of it is counterproductive, with companies working against each other to "own the user." Paywalls, popup ads, and excessive data collection damage the end user's experience, efficiency of time, and ability to collect micropayments.


    Hacker Noon Donates to EFF in Support of a Better Internet​ by David Smooke


    The internet makes it possible to achieve great economies of scale and competitive advantages, which is why advancements in technology and the exchange of information create such rapid growth. But that rapid growth can create pressure on morality and challenge the incentive to do what is best for others. We're excited to be a small part of helping EFF protect digital privacy, free speech, and the open Internet!


    Why Hacker Noon Dedicated Our Site-Wide Banner Placement to #BlackLivesMatter by Linh Dao Smooke.


    Yes, Hacker Noon is primarily a tech publication and a software company. Yes, many of our readers only care about software, blockchain or startup content. Yes, there are people on both sides of the aisles contributing to our site and some will inevitably doubt our motive, labeling it "virtue signaling." And yes, giving away our primary revenue source (top navigation billboard) is not a sustainable business model; nor is it going to directly drive time reading, words published, or money made (our three core metrics).